If you're here we know two facts about you already.

You're a fair planner.

You've seen a really bad magician before.

First, new for the season, Street Magic LIVE! has gone mobile. No longer anchored in one spot throughout the fair, Street Magic LIVE! can now be rolled around your fair.

So what does this mean?

It means that on a busy Saturday evening, Robert can roll it out, gather a crowd and perform a single 25 minute show that will have your guests laughing and clapping.

But, on an idle Tuesday with lighter attendance, Robert won't wait to gather a crowd. He'll go to them! On those days Robert can roll the show around performing short "mini" shows for small groups of people at your fair.

Robert Smith is a talented performer capable of energizing your audience and bringing an amazing entertainment program to your guests. You'll experience a powerful mix of magic, comedy and dynamic people skill.

If you want an exciting and memorable attraction at your fair, Robert Smith's Street Magic LIVE! show is for you!

Show length: 25 minutes
Venue: Mobile Grounds Attraction
Shows per day: 3 recommended (4 on peak days)
Show features:

Family-friendly comedy
Audience participation
Quality magic
Laught-out-loud fun

Other benefits:

Special Event Support
Includes entertainment for events like Seniors Day or Armed Forces Appreciation

Community Support

Proud Supporter of:
UNM Children's Hospital &
Carrie Tingley Hospital
Florida Hospital for Children
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Women's & Children's Hospital of Lafayette.

If you have a children's hospital or other charity you support, I'm happy to go perform a show for them on behalf of your fair.


Promo Video


The fall tour is currently being planned.
If you'd like to see Street Magic LIVE! at your fair or festival, please contact us.

Appearance on NBC affiliate KOB Ch. 4 at the Albuquerque Int'l Balloon Fiesta.


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